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The saddest week I've ever dragged my heart through...

My friend's four year old daughter died.
I quit my job because my boss wasn't going to let me off for the funeral.
All in all, a shitty week. Dan and I have been together 4 years since the fourth of July.
We didn't much feel like celebrating it.
I'm trying to find peace but it will only come in spurts.
I feel so useless. I just want Selena to be alive. Funny, I'm not even concerned with being out of a job. I guess it hasn't hit me yet because I always worry about money. It just seems so trivial right now.
Lots of things do.
Dan and I have tried to do as much as we can to help the family. We made the cd they played at the wake and printed out lots of little pics of Selena for people to take. She was so beautiful.

Selena Christina Garcia 1998-2002

"We shall find peace. We shall hear angels,
we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds."
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My condolences to the family.. RIP little girl...
Mine too, believe me. I have not been online in a long time. Not sure if or when I'll be back in LJ land, I think my account is expired and I don't have a job so who knows if I'll keep writing online. But I will still be reading up on my faveorite people from time to time and I hope you, Gina, as well as everyone else who has touched, inspired, confused, amused, "_____"(insert clever past participle here please), me all are faring well.
Thank you!!

I hope you are doing well too.
Omg I am so sorry.
that is so horribly sad! *HUGS*
how did she die? what a beautiful little girl. her parents/family must be destroyed....
I wish I could say something comforting.
I'm here for you.
It was sad. Is still really. I just scanned like over 100 pix of her and I have a hangover from a night of white russians and tears with her mom.
That's the only reason I'm near a computer.

She died of a swelling of the brain due to a siezure. Not sure why yet. Waiting on autopsy report for maybe more clues.

Her mother is obliterated beyond anything imagineable. I wish I could say something comforting too, believe me. Thank you for your kind thoughts though and for support. You are a treasure.
i'm so so sorry.... for everything.

it's always horribly sad when little ones pass away.
i can't even imagine what i would be like if that happened to my niece.

take care.
ohhh...I'm so sorry to hear this. Cute little girls like that one in the picture make the prettiest angels.

what a TERRIBLE boss you have! I'm glad you quit...but don't be surprised if they call you back with a big fat "I'm sorry...can you come in today?"
Wow...what a precious little girl! I'm so sorry. :-(
I'm so sorry
Still thinking of you....stick you head in sometime and said you're okay!!