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I've been a cd-burnin' fool. I love making 'mixtape'-type cd's. Being in my car jamming to a cd I don't have to fast forward through is yummy.
The only thing we have spent our dough on lately is DVD's it seems. We are DVD addicts. It is scary. In the span of 2 weeks we bought 13 ghosts, Mr. Show (seasons 1 and 2), The Negotiator, UHF, The Untouchables (I had never seen it before but it was really good despite starring Kevin Costner), The Joyluck Club (totally awesome), Saving Private Ryan, Requiem for a Dream, and the Neverending Story.
Get us help.
Been really busy lately hanging out with India, Carey, Kim, Jeremy, and squeezing in time to see my mom.
My aunt Jan has cancer and is bald. I haven't seen her but Mom has been visiting her since she found out. She will begin chemo soon.
I am taking a vacation in 2 weeks and counting the minutes till then. Work has been better than usual but I haven't had a week off in the 2 years I have been there and God knows how long before that because I was working at Subway and going to school.
I am run down. I NEED a break.
My sanity depends on it.
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