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Attempted molestation!!!!!

I went to hang out with India to celebrate her new "single" status over at Jeff's. It was a fun time until I realized India was hitting on me. Subtley at first then blatantly. Ack! I was wiggin! I escaped her clutches with only a kiss on the cheek, which in other contexts would never bug me. She was holding my hand and stroking my leg and all kinds of weirdo shit that she has never tried to pull with me. I know her and Spring and Holly have that get drunk and fool around habit but I'm very much with Dan and he would NOT be cool with me getting jiggy with anyone but him. I know he'd be upset and so I had to wait till there weren't people everywhere so I didn't embarrass her in front of her new Jeff circle of pals, who seem backstabby and weird, I rejected her as kindly as I could. She was very drunk and very hard to dissuade. I left. She called me in the morning because Lonnie told her that she had been hitting on me ruthlessly and had obviously made me really uncomfortable. She was very upset and couldn't remember all of what she had done. I was kind and left out a lot; she felt bad enough I didn't see the point in making her feel worse. I just didn't want her to think I was grossed out or wouldn't want to be her friend etc. I told her that I felt lucky to be her friend and flattered that she finds me appealing or desireable but I couldn't go down that road with her at this point in my life and that she needn't beat herself up over it. It was awkward but it's over and she knows where I stand.
She says she did it because she just loves me so much. Not that she would want a romantic relationship just a makeout session. She def wants to find the right guy but she really thinks I am a 'spectacular person' and in her drunken logic, thought it might be fun for us to, uh get in on I guess!
It was weird. It's starting to be funny now. I can so see us joking about this by Friday.
It's been forever since I have been hit on by a girl.
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