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Mostly my passionate hate of crappy group dances but other stupid crap as well

I am seriously considering building a little screenhouse onto our deck.
Mosquitoes suck but the night air of summer tempts me.

My best conversations always seem to happen at night on someone's porch or deck. I don't know if it's because of the moon or the night air or the crickets or the interesting distractions of cars/people/barking dogs/etc., but I always pay a heavy price for it once the mosquitoes start to make their appearence. I have big issues with anything itchy.
My grandparents used to have a little screenhouse on their property and I have billions of great memories in there. I am not ambitious enough to build something that big but I already have a deck, so I figure I'm halfway there.

This weekend Dan's little sis got married.
I was a bridesmaid for the second time in my life and this year as well.
It was less fun than the other wedding but a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Except for the music.
Oh my goodness the music was so bad.
You know those "group" dance songs that people learn to look "cool" in clubs so they don't have to worry about their lack of rythmn or are afraid of self expression or what the hell ever?

I personally HATE any organized dance with the exceptions of dancing that was meant to be choreographed for some sort of production OR ballroom dancing.

I think it's cool if someone knows how to tango or waltz.
I dig on watching Fred and Ginger twirl around in punchy technicolor.
I understand the need for choreography for chorus dancing for ballets, plays and all that other stuff that was meant to be displayed to an audience. I took dance for years I appreciate/respect it as a craft.


doin' the "tootsie roll" is a far cry from dancing as an artform.
All group dances seem to be STUPID AS HELL especially the duck dance the macarena and the hokey pokey. Things you do when you are too young to know better.
They are just Bad.

Oh and all line dances in my opinion because I think honkey tonk people are funny looking when they dance.
Realllly really funny. And I hate the outbursts of yeehaws. Country music annoys me.
Especially when it's over the top and accompanied by a silly dance. ***shudder***

I giggle when I see people trying to show how polished their electric slide is.
They try to make it look all sexy and snappy and it's the ELECTRIC SLIDE.
I have more fun when I don't have to think of dancing as a set of moves to get down so I can look all neato at bars or weddings.
I prefer to see how my body responds to the music or mood and see what I come up with on my own. Letting go letting loose being fluid and free that is what I like to do. That is the fun side of dancing.

Anyway yeah I have to end my tirade because I just realized that it was absurdly long. I considered editing some stuff out but I stand by everything I said because I just really agree with myself wholeheartedly. ;)

Dan's sisters wedding was 90 percent group dance songs. Oh yes.
They boot scooted.
They slid.
They macaranaed (sp?).
They hokey fucking pokeyed.
They did the Crazy Train the Tootsie Roll and tons of shit that I have never seen or heard of.
The dj was doing it with them most of the night.

I danced to one song that wasn't a group dance or a slow song which they didn't have many of and most of those were country (yick!) and that song was "Ghetto Supastar".
It's normally an alright song to me. I got sick to death of it for a year and on any given day I wouldn't call that song "my jam" but at this wedding, "That song was my jam, yo!" It came on very late and probably saved me from exploding as I hated all the other music and dances that were a requirement to be on the fucking dancefloor.

The fun was had talking to people and drinking pink champagne and just noticing the many different personas of my boyfriend's family. It was educational and Dan looks good in a tux.

His nephew was really cute as the ring bearer too. He's usually really good and he was during the ceremony but at the reception well, I think *all* kids are on their worst behavior at those.
The parents are drinking and distracted and they find other kids to run around and be hyper and obnoxious with. It's pretty standard from what I've noticed. I'm sure I did it when I was a kid.

This shot was taken at Dan's parent's house before we got to the church.

§§ High hats and colored collars,
White spats and fifteen dollars;
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time.

If you're blue
and you don't know where to go to,
Why don't you go where Harlem glitz -
Puttin' on the Ritz!
Spangled gowns
Upon the bevy of high browns
from down the levee, all misfits -
Puttin' on the Ritz!

He was happy because everyone was oohing over him and he was absurdly excited with showing off his inside pocket. He thought that thing was the bees knees it was really funny.

I lost 30 dollars gambling. I've gambled like maybe 6 times in my life (I'm nearly 24 now so that's pretty low from what people tell me) and I have never won. I've lost 20-50 bux each time.
Lady luck bitch slaps my silly ass, I don't know wtf. But I have vowed to never do it again which won't be hard since it burns me to just throw away money.
I stress the whole time I'm there anyway worrying about losing money so badly hoping to win money. Fuck casinoes they can keep their shitty carpets and bitchy old ladies. I know what I am NOT missing.
'Cept the cheap drinks. Those rule. But I always lose so those drinks really aren't so cheap. Shady casino bastards.

Off to go distract Dan from his video game now. (mmmhmmm)
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