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pussygalore's Journal

11 July
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I look like I'm getting ready to piss in the woods in this shot, don't you think?

I am an erruption of emotions;
a hurricane of girlness.
I search for fun, love, friendships, and beautiful music.
I wear fabrics that e x p l o d e with texture color and form.
I have an obscenely large collection of makeup, perfume, wigs, books and candles.
I am the dancing queen.
I am the bubble bath goddess.
I am the lady who uses Aqua fresh toothpaste cuz she finds the blue and red stripes very agreeable.
I dig the bandaids with the bugs on 'em.
I am 'ardcore.
absolutely fabulous, ali g, ambience, amythests, anais nin, angelina jolie, animation, artichoke hearts, avant-garde, ave maria, baby kittens, baklava, beads, beanbag chairs, bjork, bjorkdoll, blenders, bob marley, books, bt, calla lillies, carravagio, cartoons, chai, cheech and chong, cibo matto, coconut, color, creme de menthe, curiosity, dancing, david bowie, davinci, dew on grass blades, earth, ethnicity, exotic tea, feathers, flames, flea markets, floating, flowers in your hair, foxfire, funky jewelry, gaudy wallpaper, german chocolate cake, ghostworld, giraffes, gloria steinem, gossip, hammers, history, honeysuckle, imagination, joyce-carol-oates, kevin smith movies, kitsch, labyrinth, laughing, lightning, little decorative boxes, makeup, mazzy star, memorabilia, mermaids, michaelangelo, midori sours, mixmag, movies, mr. show, music, my brother, my buddies, my maker, my man, mythology, nag champa, napster, one-liners, orchids, parker posey, paul van dyk, perfume, philosophy, photography, pincurls, punkers, rain, rastafarians, raves, ruched clothing, run lola run, salvador dali, sandalwood, scandal, sex in the city, sid and nancy, singing in the shower, sneaker pimps, snl, spiral staircases, sugar and sweets, sugarcubes, surrealism, tacky things, taquitos, terry mullan, the blarney stone, the breakfast club, the coral reef, the dark crystal, the moon, the state, things that fly, thrills of the senses, thunderstorms, toffee, tori amos, turkish golds, vanilla soy milk, vintage, violent femmes, wigs, windy days, ylang ylang