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'Clones was about what I expected. Cept for that part where Yoda whups some ass. Woah!
I paid for my dad and brother, which felt really good. Mom stayed home sick. I think going from our weather to the damp cold weather in Ireland and then back again did her in.
Plus she's never been into Star Wars like the rest of us.

I keep getting depressed that I can't quit smoking. I quit cold turkey for 2 years in 1996. And even before that, when I used to smoke I only smoked socially. Now I smoke in the car, and at home in front of my pc. I hate it alot. I *have* quit smoking at work. I can get thru that now w/o a smoke break. Unless Carrie comes up and asks me to go smoke with her. But that dosen't happen too often as we are both busy and don't usually get long breaks together.
Anyway I never should have picked it back up again. I'm bad.

Carey is due to give birth any day now. I am the only one they are going to call when it's time and I have been instructed NOT to call any of their family/friends b/c last time was a big disaster and they just want some time alone w/the new baby. I find it amusing that they trust me more than anyone else. Even her sister. Who is gonna be pissed if she ever finds out so we will have to make sure she doesen't find out.

Mr. Show the complete 1st and 2nd seasons are going to be available at soon. Yaaaay!
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